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The Zocalo At Mexico The Zócalo is a name for the main square which located at the heart of Mexico city. if you never go to Mexico before, then this place should be the first in your list. This place already been exist since a very long time ago. Before the colonial period, The Zócalo was used as the main ceremonial center by Aztec people, who lived in the ancient city Tenochtitlan. In the place, this place simply known as Arms Square or main square. Its formal main name actually the Plaza de la Constitución, but due to the fact the name is a bit long, hard to remember and sounds very boring, most people just simply call it as Zocalo. At first people made a plan to built a monument in there, but in the end only the base of the monument, or the Zocalo successfully made. The base itself has destroyed so many years ago, but the name still live on until today. There are so many another mexican towns which used the term zocalo for their ,main square. Just like what i said before , this place has been gathering place for so many years ago since aztec era. It has seen so many kind of events, such as swearing in of viceroys, Mexica ceremonies, military parades, and many more. Before the conquest of mexico happens, zocalo is a very wide open space, at the heart of ancient city Tenochtitlan. At the east side, it was bordered by Moctezuma II's palace or new house, and at the west side you can see the old house, or the old palace. That old palace was called as palace of Axayácatl . This is where the predecessor of moctezuma lived, the Emperor Ahuitzotl. He is the uncle of the king, not the father. The palace now has become a ruin.

Times Square New York

Times Square New York if you ever went to new york, i am sure you know what is Times Square New York, right? This place is one major commercial intersection at the heart of New York city. Due to the fact that this place is full with big and colorful billboard, people call this place as the The Center of the Universe, The Crossroads of the World or the heart of the great white way. This place also the 'intersection' of the Broadway Theater District. You can say that this place is the crowded pedestrian in the whole world, and also the center of world's entertainment industry. Times Square New York also famous as tourist attraction, and there are so many people from around the world come to this place every holiday session. In the past, this place was called as Longacre Square, but then it changes its name after they moved the headquarters to Times Building which just made at that time. Times Square New York is one of the most visited place in this world. In the 2013, it even has more visitors than the most famous theme park in the world, Disney World. Even when you try to exlude the visit from people who stay near that place, Times Square New York still become the second most popular tourist site in the world, right behind the Las Vegas Strip. This place also become the best place if you want to be able to spend your new year eve together from people who come from various kind of places in this world. One of the most popular new year eve attraction in Times Square New York is the ball drop. The ball's design itself has changed from time to time. The newest one now used LED light inside, so it can shine far longer and more efficient in energy usage.

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